Light Control

LightControl provides a simple way to control Lutron RadioRa 2 home automation systems using your iPhone. It does not require your system to have been previously activated or professionally installed, although it will work fine with such systems.

Adding a Network

To use LightControl, you must first add a network, using the "+" button on the "Networks" screen. This will allow you to select your Lutron Radiora 2 Repeater. Your Repeater will initially be listed according to its IP Address; once you select it you will be prompted to input a name for the Repeater. To find your Repeater, your iPhone must be connected to a WiFi network on the same subnet as your repeater (typically this would mean that you have connected the Ethernet jack on the back of the Repeater to your WiFi Access Point.)

Adding a Room

Once you have added your Repeater, you must create one or more "rooms" to organize your switches and remotes ("devices"). Each room can have an unlimited number of devices, and devices can be in several rooms. To add a room, click on the network you wish to add a room to in the networks screen, then click the "+" button.

Adding Controls To a Room

Once you have created a room, you need to add controls to the room. To do this, navigate to the room and press the "+" button. This will bring up a dialog where you can specify the settings of device you are adding.

At the top you can enter a name and choose an icon that LightControl will use for the new control.

You also need to specify the settings of the device you are adding. The easiest way to do this is to use Auto-detect. Auto-detect listens for a button press on a wall switch or remote and "learn" settings of that button. Alternatively, you can manually input the settings for the device (consult the Lutron Integration Protocol manual for a description of these fields).

LightControl has been tested only with Lutron light switches, but may be compatible with blinds and thermostats as well.

Using Controls

Once you have added a device, it will appear as a control in the room. Controls that are linked to wall switches and blinds have a row of colored dots that indicate the current level of that control, and include a slider to set the level of the control. You can also tap the control to turn it on and off.

Controls linked to remote buttons will simply emulate that button when pressed.

For Support

Email for questions, comments, and help.


Light Control was developed by Sam Madden.

Lutron and Radiora 2 are trademark Lutron Electronics, Inc.